Satisfied Clients Say:

"Janet, combining massage with stretching is an inspired technique that really works.  
After I injured my shoulder in a fall, I could barely lift my arm until
you worked on it with deep massage and stretching.
I had almost full range of motion after just that one session!
I don't think massage alone would have been nearly as effective.
Thank you!  You're the best!"
Cathy Marley, Author

“Janet has a wonderful touch and ability to work on the areas that an individual needs.
She asks questions and listens with her ears as well as her hands.
Our company whole-heartedly recommends Janet.”
Mindy Badgley
CRS Temporary Housing

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU.....Janet, you've made me into a new person,
it's been 6 months, and actually, I had lived with chronic muscle ache for the majority of my life.”
Carol Hill, Interior Designer

I met Janet Selby in 2000 through my work. She had been hired to do 15-minute chair massages
on a weekly basis for employees. The timing was perfect for me as I had suffered a should injury that was keeping me awake at night. Janet began working on that shoulder, and within 2 sessions the pain began to subside. It was completely gone in about 4 weeks and no more pain disturbing my sleep. Shortly after I started the chair massages, I began visiting Janet monthly for a full body massage. She has always attended classes to learn more techniques and fine tune her skills.
I have had other massage therapists in my life and no one
can find the areas that need attention like Janet.
Linda Kilbourne, Director of Supplies, Best Western

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