Healing therapies for your body,
tranquility for your mind.


Each massage is customized to suit your individual needs on the day of your appointment. My credo is to “work with you, not on you” and the body work you receive is based on what you are most craving in your session. Do you wish to totally relax and bliss out? Are you in need of some deep therapeutic work to relieve chronic aches and pains? Perhaps you would like your more persistent stress related issues addressed and then spend the rest of your time relaxing? I have been trained in many different methods of healing and therapy work and will draw on that training to provide you with a personally customized treatment. At Tranquility, we believe that an effective massage can also be relaxing and painless.

60 or 90 Minute Treatments:

Deeply Replenished

Take your massage session to a deeper level. This fully integrated treatment is crafted with skill and intention that places you at the core. Let it unravel the tangled knots through stretching, kneading, rolling and compressing. Tendons and muscles are lengthened and strengthened; joints become more limber and flexible. Tangled webbing of fascia is reorganized. Recover lost range of motion. Pain dissolves. A sense of calm and well being settles in.
Restore body awareness. Touch joy.

Supremely Tranquil

Masterfully applied massage strokes using fingers, hands and forearms provide a steady rhythm to send your body/mind on a journey to a realm of utter calm and serenity. Long gliding strokes, swirling figure eights and circles take you on a deep dive to connect with your tribal heartbeat. Deeply relaxed states are achieved. Essential oils elevate the senses, clearing away mental clutter. Smooth, warm stones slide along tight muscles transforming them to a state of suppleness. Aromatherapy infused towels pamper and soothe.
Let go. Do Nothing. Feel Bliss.

Crown and Sole

This powerful and deeply relaxing experience is like pressing a reset button that allows your body to recover from its daily toil. Focused work on the neck, shoulders, upper arms, scalp, face, ears and feet. At once soothing and comforting, while also acting on a deep level, balancing your energetic body. Furrowed brows are smoothed, sinus pressure is relieved. Brain fog lifts as the upper chakras are cleared. Mental clarity is restored. Stress evaporates, tension dissipates. Session includes spa towels, herbal infused oils, lemongrass foot cream, smooth hot stones, rosewater spritz, chakra stones.

Specialty Sessions

Available as a 30 minute add on OR combine two for a 60 minute treatment

Sole Revival
Surrender your overworked feet and legs to this heavenly treatment. Muscles and tendons are gently stretched and kneaded. Energy channels are stimulated opening your entire body to balance and harmony. Deeply moisturizing lemongrass infused vegan cream revitalizes the skin. Hot towels swaddle and soothe to achieve total foot nirvana.

Head and Neck Bliss
Expertly applied massage techniques to restore your head space. Fingertips, using firm pressure, begin their work along the seams of the head freeing up tension there before flowing down into the face, the cheeks, the jaw and the neck. Furrowed brows are smoothed, sinus pressure is relieved, jaw tension dissipates, and the neck moves more freely. Restore your mojo and face the world renewed.

Hands, Wrists and Forearms Revival
At once deeply therapeutic and relaxing, this treatment restores ease and flexibility from the elbow to the tips of the fingers. Especially helpful for reducing pain from carpal tunnel syndrome and tendonitis. Let it be your saving grace for those hard working hands.

Cupping Massage for Health and Beauty
Using gentle suction, silicone cups pull muscles upwards, working as effectively as deep tissue massage in releasing those tight “stuck” areas. Feel the cups glide smoothly teasing apart tension from knotted up muscles. Blood flow is improved, fascial restrictions are freed, lymph is moved. This detoxifying treatment minimizes scar tissue, reduces the appearance of cellulite, leaving the skin plump and renewed. Feel the pull of relief and relaxation with this powerful treatment.

60 Minutes: $95
90 Minutes: $125

Make it a Spa Day!
Combine a massage and facial and treat your yourself
or your group to a day of bliss.

Available by appointment:
Tuesday-Saturday 9:30am-6:30pm

1825 E. Northern Ave. Suite 125-B
Phoenix, Arizona