Massage for the mind,
Therapy for the body.

Satisfied Clients Say:

"Janet is the most talented bodywork therapist I know. I use the term bodywork because what she does is so much more than massage. Janet knows anatomy and physiology inside and out. On top of that knowledge, she has invested the time to research and learn diverse methods and techniques from various well-known teachers in the field. She puts all of that together to know exactly what method will work for specific problem areas for each client. Janet is allowing me to stay very active in my 60s with fewer restrictions and less pain than I have had in years!"
Mike Stanley, CPA

"Janet, combining massage with stretching is an inspired technique that really works. After I injured my shoulder in a fall, I could barely lift my arm until you worked on it with deep massage and stretching. I had almost full range of motion after just that one I don't think massage alone would have been nearly as effective. Thank you! You're the best!"
Cathy Marley, Author

"As a running coach, getting good body work is so important to me. Janet is an amazing massage therapist and knows her stuff. I highly recommend her!"
Lisa Pozzoni, Chi Running Instructor

“Janet has a wonderful touch and ability to work on the areas that an individual needs. She asks questions and listens with her ears as well as her hands. Our company whole-heartedly recommends Janet.”
Mindy Badgley, CRS Temporary Housing

“I FEEL WONDERFUL!....OH SO WONDERFUL!!!!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU.....Janet, you've made me into a new person, it's been 6 months, and actually, I had lived with chronic muscle ache for the majority of my life.”
Carol Hill, Interior Designer

"Janet is a fantastic massage therapist. She offers many different styles of massage and she really listens to you and somehow intuitively knows what will help the most to loosen up your stiff and tight muscles and have you walking out feeling relaxed and loose."
Debi Griffin, Real Estate Agent

"I met Janet Selby in 2000 through my work. She had been hired to do 15-minute chair massages on a weekly basis for employees. The timing was perfect for me as I had suffered a shoulder injury that was keeping me awake at night. Janet began working on that shoulder, and within 2 sessions the pain began to subside. It was completely gone in about 4 weeks and no more pain disturbing my sleep. Shortly after I started the chair massages, I began visiting Janet monthly for a full body massage. She has always attended classes to learn more techniques and fine tune her skills. I have had other massage therapists in my life and no one can find the areas that need attention like Janet."
Linda Kilbourne, Director of Supplies, Best Western

"My wife and I recently visited Phoenix to escape the cold Kansas City winter for long weekend. We always book massages on vacation and my wife found Janet was close to our hotel. The best massage I’ve ever had was a weekend trip for our first anniversary 9 years ago - until we visited Janet! Janet is a lovely woman who really listens to your concerns and tailors a massage to meet your needs. She combines multiple techniques she’s learned over the years that result in the type of massage you just can’t get from someone with less experience. We highly recommend Janet at Tranquility Therapeutic Massage and will definitely return next time we’re in Phoenix!"
Charlie Vincent

Available by appointment:
Tuesday-Friday 10am-6pm
Saturday 9:30am-3pm

1825 E. Northern Ave. Suite 125-B
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